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Vollebak’s Black Light Sports Gear Is All Black And Still Reflects White Light

In order to be visible to motorists at night, wearing bright orange or silver reflective gear is an efficient method. But, not everybody wants to sport an orange look and prefer the traditional black kit. Vollebak’s new Black Light sports gear is just for those people. It is all black and still reflects white light.

The Black Light sports gear lineup is a layering system consisting of a T-shirt, base layer, mid layer and jacket. All of them are lightweight, soft, breathable, and stretchy as claimed by the company. All of them are threaded with an array of matt black dots.

(Source; New Atlas)

These are not very visible during the daylight and each of these dots has over 60,000 microscopic black glass spheres embedded in its surface. These dots have the ability to reflect light such as that from car headlights. This causes the dots to appear bright white.

These dots are not randomly placed all over the Black Light sports gear but are located at the wearer’s joints. These include the elbows, wrists, shoulders and hips. The company claims that when the driver sees these white spots, the mind automatically registers the arranged pattern as a person and will be able to get an idea of their speed and trajectory.

(Source; New Atlas)

Eight dots are always visible no matter what angle you are shining light from and are enough to provide the brain with the information it needs to register the dots as a person. You can get the sports gear now with prices starting from $95 for the T-shirt and $645 for the jacket.