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Volkswagen Introduces A New Generation Of Fuel Efficient Engines That Work On The Miller’s Cycle

Volkswagen has been embroiled in an emissions cheating scandal for several months now and in an attempt to introduce new cars that can follow the tough emissions standards, the company has turned to the Miller’s Cycle engines that it had been developing for some time. The largest auto manufacturer in the world is all set to introduce them in the latest Audis. It has taken this extraordinary step to arrive at the coveted “diesel engine efficiency” that all petrol cars were striving to achieve because it wants to improve its PR and sales figures in the wake of the emissions scandal.

The new engine is a TFSI, one that is claimed by the company as the most efficient in the two-liter class. It provides a ridiculous 190 horsepower to the crankshaft while running on an impressive 47 miles per gallon efficiency and is based on the latest New European Drive Cycle. It will be able to give you an amazing 236 lbf of torque from just 1,450 rpm making it accelerate like a bullet from low speeds. The main alteration for the new engine is that the intake angle of the engine has been reduced from 200 degrees to just 140 degrees, therefore, shortening the intake time significantly. As a result, there is a higher boost pressure on the inlet side and the intake valve closes earlier and contributes to an improved efficient engine.

“Thanks to this rightsizing approach, the new engine enjoys the consumption benefits of a downsizing engine in partial load operation, while at higher loads it has the advantages of a large-displacement engine,” Stefan Knirsch, Audi’s Head of Engine Development.

The new engine is not only more efficient but also much lighter than @ just 140 Kg, therefore improving Audi’s handling balance. The new A4s has now started arriving with the amazing new engine. Do check it out in your nearest showrooms and auto shows!