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Virgin Hyperloop One Is Building A Hyperloop Track In Saudi Arabia

Virgin Hyperloop One Is Building A Hyperloop Track In Saudi Arabia

Virgin Hyperloop One has managed to expand its relationship with Saudi Arabia and has announced that it will be developing a new test track in Saudi Arabia’s west. The facility is slated to become the world’s longest Hyperloop tube once it is completed and would be used for testing the technology for a bigger rollout of the transport system.

A completely developed hyperloop system will be able to shuttle people and cargo in near-vacuum tubes at speeds that are closer to the speed of sound. Virgin Hyperloop One is among the list of companies that are trying to perfect this idea and bring it to fruition. The company already has a 500 meters long test track set up and functional in California where it has managed to propel the test pods up to the speed of 240 mph.

The track planed for King Abdullah Economic City located to the north of Jeddah is 35 kilometers long and will offer much more room to be able to move. Apart from the test track, the facility will also feature a research and manufacturing facility in hopes of achieving a Silicon Valley effect in the region. Secretary-General Mohanud A. Helal, said, ‘Having hyperloop at King Abdullah Economic City is going to act as a catalyst for a Saudi Silicon Valley effect and galvanize our software development, high technology research, and manufacturing industries.’

It needs to be noted, however, that all of this is still quite far away. Virgin Hyperloop One and Saudi Arabia will have first to conduct a study that will investigate the impact and feasibility of the facility. The company also has similar agreements with governments of India and Spain and has also proposed a hyperloop system for the state of Missouri in the US.

What do you think of this technology? We are really looking forward to these companies a making breakthrough and cutting down trips that take hours into mere minutes.

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