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Vanhawks Valour Is A New Smart Bicycle That Offers GPS Navigation And Protects Rider From Accidents

Vanhawks Valour 4

We can very well name this era as the ‘smart’ era owing to the fact that everything is becoming smart and well, interconnected. The idea is to provide a better life experience to all humans out there and this key idea has pushed a lot of ideas forward and we are witnessing a paradigm shift  in technology.
Vanhawks has recently unveiled a new bike which is being called the smart bike, thanks to its innovative new features that will completely change the way we look at bicycles.
So what keeps us from riding bicycles on a regular basis? For most of us; it is the fear of those crazy drunk people out there on cars and the lack of GPS system on a bike. Vanhawks Valour takes care of both of these fears by introducing several new features in their Valour bike.

The bike uses carbon fiber as construction material and pairs up with any wearable tech and your smartphone. The bike comes with its own application and makes use of GPS t0 provide turn by turn navigation to its users . It makes use of indicators that are capable of lighting up and they are present on the handlebars to let the rider know where to turn. The handlebars are also capable of vibrating if a car gets too close to the bike. The application also records the distance that has been traveled, how many calories have been burned and the road hazards that a particular rider has encountered during the trip.

All this information is fed to the central database from where it is made available to all the Valour users so that they can avoid any obstacles and can be given a heads up. In case of theft, you can simply report it and once your bike passes by another Valour bike, its position will be reported. We would have preferred a locking down mechanism that can be activated remotely but can’t blame the company as this is the first version. The company promises to add more features with every subsequent model of this smart bike.

In short, Valour is one of those gadgets where a traditional thing has been merged with modern technology to produce something completely new. Check out the youtube video below for more: