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Use This Innovative Key Holder And You Will Never Lose Keys Again

We have all witnessed the horror and chaos that follows when you can’t find your keys and this always happens when you are already running late. Isn’t that the case? Pluginz is a gadget that provides a solution for this situation by storing all your keys in one convenient place and owing to its amazingly unique design, there is no chance that you’ll lose your keys again.

They key holders have been built to resemble little amps and make use of audio jack attachments for keeping keys in one place.

They are being released with a variety of style for all the music buffs!

The user needs only plug in the cool little key chains that come as part of the set.

The different jacks allow you to keep multiple key sets organized simultaneously.

The satisfaction comes from the little noise that they make once they are snapped into place.

All that you need to do is to attach it to a wall next to the door and voila!

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