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US Special Forces Will Soon Get These Mini Bug Like Drones


Why don’t special forces have these kinds of drones already? The most important task of these forces is their stealth capability, and the less their signature in enemy territory, the better their operation will be. This new drone has been on the cards for far too long, and it is hoped that it will be given to them anytime soon. The US Army’s special forces will receive these drones, and it will greatly enhance their capability.

The size of these drones could have been improved further as Microbot technology has been progressing very well in recent years. This drone isn’t small enough to be called a microbot, yet it is so minuscule that it can comfortably fit the palm of your hand. It was named the Black Hornet drone. It has been extensively used by the British Brigade Reconnaissance in Afghanistan recently, boosting their live battlefield surveillance. The drone weighs 18 grams, and it can stay aloft for more than twenty-five minutes. The time is enough to get a big picture of the surroundings and do some smart reconnaissance, but it is till not enough to provide constant video feedback to the soldiers. Perhaps that is not needed here at all since the nature of special forces involves satelites, larger drones and other aircraft that can provide the live footage. This mini-drone can be used to spy up close in intermittent missions. It is an all-weather stable drone that is very reliable.

The video feed as surprisingly clear and thumbs up were given to the developers on this front. There are three cameras that can be used in this drone including a thermal imaging option. Officials from Elite US units have said that they have looked at the drones and have directed their authorities to conduct market research into it.  It is now undergoing trials at various locations.

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