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US Government Keeps Millions Of Chicken In Secret Farms To Make Flu Vaccines

Before you get optimistic about a possible cure for Coronavirus after reading the title, these chicken won’t help us get rid of Coronavirus. However, the US government has been using eggs from these chicken farms to make flu shots for quite some time.
Here’s how it works. Very few people know where these chicken are kept as the location of farms is a national secret. Every day, millions of eggs are trucked from these farms to secret processing facilities around the US where they are protected by armed guards and multi-million dollar security systems.

Once these eggs are received at the processing facility, they are injected with the strain of flu. This strain of flu is provided by the government and gets updated every now and then as the Flu strains evolve.
The eggs are fertilized for an undisclosed number of days after which the egg fluid is removed and the active virus left in the egg is destroyed. The remaining anti-gen is then processed and converted into flu shots. Last year, over 17.5 million flu shots were distributed among the American public. This year, over 14 million flu shots will be created through these magic eggs.

US government uses a handful of companies to source these flu shots. The exact number of suppliers and their egg sources is a closely guarded secret as any break in the supply of these eggs will cause a flu crisis in the country.
However, scientists are still unable to use this method to create a working vaccine for Covid-19. Fingers crossed!

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