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US Army’s New Headset Will Give Soldiers Iron Man Like Vision

q-warrior (4)

There was once a time when our everyday technology was a watered down version of what the military used, but with the likes of Google Glass and other Augmented Reality (AR) devices designed for common use, it’s a surprise the army hasn’t received this technology. But that’s about to change with a new product developed by BAE Systems.

The headset they’ve developed is called the Q-Warrior and at the moment, it is being field tested before troops can get their hands on it. As expected of any good military equipment, the Q-Warrior headset is based more on function and durability than good looks like it’s civilian counterparts. The headset consists of a single see-through display which can easily be attached to current troops’ helmets.

The Q-Warrior provides data such as personnel tracking, hostile enemy detection and waypoint information over the field of vision like a video stream. It also features an enhanced night-vision and full color feeds to and from allied forces in the area, including aerial images from overhead drones.

According to BAE Systems, the design is both lightweight and low-cost. This amazing headset gives troops an edge over the enemy in terms of organization and information. With tech toys like these, the US Army is approaching its version of the Mach I Iron Man suit that can save troops lives and improve their performance in the battlefield.

Pretty amazing, Isn’t it?

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