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Ukrainian Soldiers Have Been Spotted Using Futuristic Belgian F2000 Rifles

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Spotted Using Futuristic Belgian F2000 Rifles

Ukrainian defenders were given FN F2000 assault rifles, according to analyst Ukraine Weapons Tracker. Belgium gave military aid to Ukraine with 10,000 assault weapons, including the FN SCAR and FNC.

Soldiers with firearms were allegedly photographed in Ukraine and posted on the internet. However, in terms of F2000 delivery information, the two highly dubious images don’t provide enough insight. A Ukrainian soldier is lying down alone with his weapon in one photograph. Three Ukrainian troops in varied uniforms are photographed carrying rifles in front of a pick-up truck in the other shot.

The FN F2000 is a Belgian assault rifle designed and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. It was officially launched in 2001. This weapon is intended to be used in modern local military confrontations. The machine is constructed of polymer. The weapon is designed to be used in contemporary local military conflicts. It is a bullpup-style gas-operated selective-fire weapon.

Empty cases are discharged to the front of the machine thanks to its revolutionary ejection system. Left-handed shooters can utilise the FN F2000 without any adaptations or alterations.

Polymers are utilised to make building materials. The stream can be changed with various modules, including a laser target, flashlight, 40-mm grenade launcher, and a “non-lethal” M303 module that fires tear gas. 

Furthermore, the F2000 can also be customised with various features to serve the intended goal better. The rifle could be equipped with 40mm FN EGLM grenade launchers and a one-of-a-kind computerised fire control system. None of these attachments, though, can be seen in the photos.

It must be recalled that Belgium has delivered 10,000 firearms to Ukraine, including SCAR-L and FNC variants. However, it’s unclear whether the aid included F2000 assault rifles. Although Belgium has announced that it supplied the Ukrainian government with 5,000 FNC-type assault rifles, 200 anti-tank weapons, and 3,800 tonnes of fuel, there is still no indication of F2000 deliveries. The SCAR-L and F2000 rifles, on the other hand, have been spotted in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian forces continue to make use of what they have, the suppliers of many of their weapons are often not known. However, that doesn’t make much difference to the Ukrainian volunteer groups and military troops in need of small weaponry, and it is unlikely to do so.

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