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Ukraine Has Reportedly Captured Russia’s Most Capable Active-Duty Battle Tank

Ukrainian troops have taken a T-90M battle tank in the Kharkiv region, where major advances on the ground have lately been established, indicating an extraordinary gain due to the vehicle’s position as the most capable in Russia’s fleet.

The northeastern region has been a hotspot for fighting, with Russia lately introducing new Iranian drones and focusing its efforts on neutralizing Ukrainian assets in the area. The T-90M only entered Russian Army service in April 2020. Yet, it has considerable performance advantages over all previous Russian tank classes, with estimations putting it up to ten years ahead technologically.

The tank was initially acknowledged to have been sent to Ukraine in April, although in small numbers, with one destroyed in the conflict. The appearance of a wrecked T-90M differs markedly from that of previous Russian tanks. The vehicle is substantially less prone to ammunition explosions and turret blowing off, resulting in significantly greater crew survival rates.

Despite being nearly resistant to rounds fired from Ukrainian T-64 and T-72 tanks, the country’s massive supply of Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems has given a way of combating such sophisticated armour.

The lack of a major deployment of the T-90M in Ukraine has been widely theorized, with some experts speculating that the tank was being saved for a future escalation of hostilities with NATO on Russia’s western frontiers. The likelihood that the tank was saved expressly to avoid falling into the hands of Westerners was also raised, with the tank seized expected to be promptly sent to Kyiv’s Western backers for investigation.

The 2A46M-5 cannon and Kalina fire control system, which let it launch a broad range of specialized ammunition, as well as the Afghani active protection system and Relikt explosive reactive armour, are among the tank’s most significant characteristics. Its communication and command suite, as well as its digital communications technologies, are quite similar to those of the T-14’s following generation.

Furthermore, the tank was conceived as a method of getting the T-90 up to a technical level equivalent to the T-14, which, while in production, is not yet operational. The Russian Army expects to field approximately 500 T-90M tanks, with deliveries underway.

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