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U.S Air Force F-35 Fighter Jet Collides With Tanker Aircraft In A Mid Air Refueling Mission

Marine corps One failed mission resulted in F35 B Stealth fighter crash

Air force practice missions can go drastically wrong, causing devastating accidents. Such unfortunate happenings can cost a fortune to a state. Even the minor accidents repair works are costly, and sometimes in the worse case, the whole air crafts destroy.

The monetary loss set aside, these accidents in the past have taken the lives of super-skilled pilots in practice missions.

On this week’s Tuesday, a horrific accident occurred in California when a fighter jet, an F-35B, collided with a KC-130J refueling tanker aircraft while on an air-to-air refueling mission.

Fortunately, the tanker aircraft made a safe landing in an emergency, while the F-35 spun down, crashing to the ground in huge flames.

All eight crew members flying in the tanker aircraft were safe despite the collision, and the F-35 fighter pilot ejected just in time. He is not in an emergency; however, he is going through minor medical treatment for some of the caused injuries.

Brett Vannier, the spokesperson for the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona, said, “There are some mild injuries that are being treated, but they are all safe.” The crew members are part of the weapons and tactics instructor course and belong to the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One at Yuma.

Martin-Baker Ejection Seats:

The fiscal year that began on 1st October 2019 has seen Marine Corps go through three Class-A aviation accidents. Martin Baker, the firm that produces ejection seats, tweeted after the accident to highlight the number of lives saved by them.

The Tuesday’s incidence also made the firm appear out on the top for safely landing the pilot to the ground while the aircraft burned to flames.

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