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Twitter’s Largest Advertiser Apple Has Now ‘Fully Resumed’ Spending

Twitter's Largest Advertiser Apple Has Now 'Fully Resumed' Spending

Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed today during a two-hour Twitter Spaces live audio broadcast that Apple has “completely resumed” advertising on the social network.

While addressing his followers, Musk announced Apple’s sudden reversal and stated that the business was Twitter’s largest advertiser without providing other insights.

Following Musk’s revelation, Bloomberg reported that Amazon might soon follow suit and resume advertising on Twitter. Amazon intends to spend $100 million each year and is waiting for Twitter to make “security modifications to the company’s ad platform,” according to Platformer’s Zo Schiffer, citing an unnamed source.

According to Schiffer, Amazon has never totally ceased advertising on Twitter. However, some campaigns had been paused.

These new changes are expected to provide some respite to Twitter following a big exodus of advertisers due to content control concerns.

Musk also acknowledged some advertisers’ return to the site by tweeting a “note to thank” them “for returning to Twitter,” a departure from his previous hostile tone in which he promised to “name and shame” organizations that refused to advertise.

Only five days ago, Musk accused Apple of hating “free speech,” “making moderation requests,” and ceasing ad spending, resulting in a flurry of media coverage regarding a potential conflict between Apple and Twitter. 

Two days later, Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and stated that there had been a “misunderstanding” about Twitter possibly being removed from the App Store, and Cook “made clear that Apple never considered doing so.”

Whether the restoration of spending by Apple and Amazon will help Twitter compensate for the loss of numerous other major advertisers is uncertain.

The Wall Street Journal claimed last week that Twitter offered significant discounts to advertisers to entice them back onto the network. According to the report, Twitter provided double benefits to any marketer prepared to spend more than $500,000—basically, double the reach.

However, it’s unclear whether the return of Apple and Amazon is included in these discounted offerings.

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