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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Laptop For Only $100 Thanks To This Gadget

Pic Credits: SuperBook

Ever wished you could do all of your work on your smartphone so that you don’t have to carry that cumbersome and expensive laptop with you everywhere. I mean you already use it for so many other things, like to send emails, maintain contacts, take calls, keep sensitive files and photos, etc. keeping a whole laptop for just a handful of other operations seems redundant and unreasonable.
Well, it looks like your wish is about to be granted; as a Kickstarter campaign has revealed the creation of an app that can turn your smartphone into a laptop! Basically, your phone becomes your laptop via a shell which uses your smartphone’s operating power to work. Just plug in your device to the laptop shell, and you’ll have a Superbook on your hands.
Pic Credits: liliputing

The device looks exactly like a laptop, but besides the LCD and the required circuitry, it uses your phone’s processor for all the juice it needs. An app called Andromium makes the magic happen by turning data from the phone into data that can be interfaced with a computer screen easily. The technology is Android based for now, but the company is looking to expand this to other platforms as well.The Superbook claims to offer eight hours of battery life, along with a full keyboard and a multitouch trackpad. The device’s dimensions are 7.6 x 11.3 x 0.7 inches, and it is highly portable because it weighs just 2 pounds in total.

Pic Credits: kickstarter

Think of the Superbook as essentially an extension of your phone having a desktop-type interface. Your smartphone’s features and files will be easily accessible, and the laptop frame uses your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection in order to connect to the internet and other devices.

Now brace yourself for the best part; the whole package costs around $100 only! So for a tiny fraction of the price of the mainstream laptops, you can have your own lightweight and powerful processing device capable of accessing your email, social media, Office apps, and so on.

Pic Credits: slashgear


To use the technology, you’ll need an Android device 5.0 or later, entailing a dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and at least 25MB of free storage. Of course, while the risks of crowdfunding remain, the project has raised more than 3 Million dollars.

Would you consider buying the Superbook to replace your Laptop for good? Let us know in the comments’ section below!