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This Underwater Tunnel In Norway Solves The Issue Of Fjords Crossing

Credits: hackaday.com

What if you could cross a long and narrow inlet of the sea in your car via an underwater tunnel? The main idea would be to suspend the submerged tunnel using floating platoons. Most civil and transport engineers would initially consider it a bad idea as it seems to pick up the worst aspects of bridges and underwater tunnels. However, this idea is seriously being considered in Norway for crossing fjords. It might be a good idea after all. Let us check!

Fjords are common in Norway, and they often create a serious hindrance in long-distance journeys for the Norwegians. Traditionally, fjords are crossed via small ferries. Because of their depth, it is very hard to cross a fjord. The Sogn fjord is almost a mile deep and is, therefore, the deepest fjord in Norway. The depth of these Fjords is the very same reason why underwater tunnel idea is not a realistic one. The submerged tunnel will have a lot of issues, ranging from construction challenges to unknown seafloor variables such as the pressure at such depth.

Image Credits: theguardian.com

Why can’t we construct a conventional bridge? Well, we can, but it comes with certain thorns. A stormy weather would make crossing quite dangerous, and it may result in closing down of the bridge; the ship-crossing is another issue. Therefore, Norwegians are forced to use ferries for crossing; they have more than a thousand of these in Norway. Maybe this new idea of a floating tunnel could be their solution to traveling!

Image Credits: inhabitat.com

Long bridges are so damn scary for us humans. Add the image of the frigid Norwegian Sea just under that bridge, double scary. However, there is no harm in trying something new if it is supposed to give several benefits. The underwater tunnel would be immune to harsh weather, and ships would cross above without any obstacle. Moreover, it will preserve the natural beauty offered by the Norwegian countryside.

So would you cross this underwater tunnel on your own? Comment below!