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TSA Discovers A 3D Printed Gun Inside A Passenger’s Carry On

The Instagram account of the Transport Security Administration is a never-ending stream of incredible things people try to bring onboard an aircraft. However, they discovered a rather eerie object.

An ill-informed traveller tried to board an aeroplane with a 3D printed handgun, complete with live rounds, tucked securely in a carry-all.

Image Source: TSA


Being plastic-made, the 3D printed guns are not spotted by the metal detectors. The ease of disassembling and reassembling also makes it easier to smuggle it.


Image Source: TSA


TSA regularly discovers guns in luggage, with 68 guns found during July 29 to August 4, only 8 of which were NOT loaded. However, the 3D printed handgun is a rare find.

It has been reported that the confiscated gun does not match the online printing files it seems to be a self-styled weapon. As the 3D printing technology becomes mainstream, it is necessary to come up with better ways to avoid any unfortunate incidents.