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Toyota Has Revealed Its First Electric SUV

Toyota has unveiled the first of 15 new electric vehicles it plans to sell by 2025

The renowned car manufacturer Toyota has revealed the first of its 15 electric cars to be produced by 2025. The company gave out the first look of its electric SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021.

The vehicle appears to be a sibling of the Toyota Rav4 in design; however, it is more in its features. It rides lower than a Rav4and packs a futuristic yoke steering wheel in place of the commonly used wheel to control the twists and turns on a journey.

bZ4X is the company’s first electric car under the new Beyond Zero lineup of cars with aims to achieve zero carbon emissions. Toyota plans to produce 15 such models by 2025, and it is one of the seven under the “bz” badge.

The first model was put to production on Toyota’s new electric e-TNGA BEV platform that the company built partnering with Subaru. A new electric car built on the same platform by Subaru is too expected to release in a short span of time.

A modern dashboard, the yoke steering wheel, and a large touchscreen combined to give an unparalleled look from the inside, both sporty and elegant. One of the car’s distinctive features is its ability to use solar power to fight the impact of cold weather on its performance.

Toyota plans to put the bZ4X on the production lines in Japan and China, while plans are to make it available globally by the middle of 2022. The giant car manufacturer didn’t reveal information on the car’s range.

The automobiles experts opinion state that it would be a competitor of vehicles like Ford Mustang Mach-E that come with a range of more than 300 miles on a full charge, expecting the numbers on bZ4X range to be somewhere around 300 miles or more won’t be wrong either. For now, Toyota kept the vehicle’s price secret, making the car enthusiasts make guesses on its price and termed it to be somewhere around $40,000, a price tag that shares the numbers to the Toyota Rav4 hybrid.

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