Top 5 Wireless Headphones That Money Can Buy

Wireless sports headphones have evident advantages over the wired ones, and they have slowly but surely taken over the market that was once ruled by their wired counterparts. Some obvious advantages include reducing the hassle of untangling the wires and are easy to wear, carry in the gym, or during a walk. They allow you the freedom to put your phone in your pocket without worrying about getting caught up in the wires while exercising.

But the problem arises when you are looking to choose a headphone. No matter how many people you ask and how many reviews you read,  the “quality” of sound and the “ease” of usage will always remain relative concepts that are very hard to be objectively defined. But these reviews can give you some idea on how to differentiate the best from the plethora of products out there. Check out this list of 5 wireless phones that are worth your money and time.

5) JBL Under Armour Headphones Wireless

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These headphones have a secure fit due to the “twist and lock” design of the earbuds, and the company claims that they can continuously work for eight hours on a single charge. The Under Armour wireless sport headphones’ cost is on the higher side when compared with its counterparts. Moreover, they also are not very good with bass heavy music. But they are quite handy to use and reliable in operation. Hence, they are placed at number 5 in our top 5 rankings.

4) JBL Reflect Mini BT

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In this amount of cost, getting the JBL sound quality in the form of a very lightweight, sweat, and-water-resistant headphone design is truly a bargain.  They also have a three-button remote that comes along with the plastic neckband. But the problem is that their ear bud tips never fit snugly in your ear, despite the fact that they come in two different styles.

3) JBL Reflect Response

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This is another gem designed by JBL that offers crisp sound quality with easy to fit ear buds. But the downside is that they come at higher prices than our top two contenders. Also, they have a rigid plastic neckband or a collar bud along with touch-sensitive earbuds that cause problems during certain exercises. However, the sheer sound quality offers them a 3rd place in our top 5 rankings.

2) Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones offer so much at the comparatively paltry cost of $80, making them a very attractive choice. They are also super comfy and convenient, and the design goes over the ears for a more secure fit.  The cable is thicker than the usual headphones, but doesn’t tangle when you throw the headphones in a bag.

The sound quality is pretty awesome. It isn’t super bass heavy, but there is enough juice for the beat-driven workout songs, and also are pretty loud for bluetooth headphones. The BackBeat Fits come with a neoprene armband for your smartphone to help you out during your exercise. These can work continuously for 8 hours that makes them a super choice for the exercise lovers.

But there are some issues with the technical design that didn’t take it to the top of our list. The major problem is with the remote-control functions that are built directly into the earbuds. Hence, there is this annoying problem of inadvertently skipping or stopping songs when you are just trying to adjust the earbuds. The skip, pause, and volume controls are all put into two buttons rather than three, making it hard to understand and learn.

1) JLab Epic 2

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JLab  has really made something special this time round. Their Epic 2’s pair with both iPhone and Android smartphones have a great tangle-resistant adjustable cable. The ear buds come with eight different gel-tips, so at least one of them will fit your ear. The earphones come with a standard three-button remote and a mic attached to the cable of the earbuds. Unlike their counterparts, they are super balanced on both sides of the earbuds and extremely light in weight.

They go over the ear and require a gentle twist when you are putting them on for the very first time. Epic 2 also offers a deep bass with clear and crisp vocals.

The list of great features doesn’t end just yet, Epic 2 also entails an upgraded ceramic Bluetooth antenna like its previous model JLab Epic. This improves the connectivity, so lack of signals will never be an issue.

A single charge can get you through 12 hours of battery life, the best battery life in any of the available headsets in the market. They also have IPX5 waterproof rating to withstand all of the sweat and water bottle leakage. This headphone makes to the top due to its comfort, reliability, sound quality, and super battery life.

Did you find our reviews useful? Have you tried any of these headsets? Narrate your experience in the comments’ section below!