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Top 10 Everyday Technologies That Were Given To Us By NASA

If you think, “Who needs NASA?”, you cannot be more wrong. NASA has created so many technologies that we use in our everyday lives and take them for granted. We decided to compile a list of such 10 technologies for which no one takes time out to thank NASA.

10. Solar Plants – Even these were developed thanks to technologies by NASA.

9. Prosthetic Limbs – NASA’s work on robotic muscle systems for the space robots allowed for the progress made in this field.

8. Shock Absorbing Soles – NASA developed them for the boots of astronauts and now they are used in running shoes on Earth.

7. Scratch Resistant Material – NASA developed the material to protect astronauts’ helmet and visors. It is used for the protection of eyeglasses and sunglasses nowadays.

6. Space Blanket – An integral part of first aid kits and loved by Marathon runners who have to stay warm.

5. Radial Tire – NASA came up with these innovations to impart efficiency and strength to vehicles used for moon exploration; the tires were later used for cars on Earth as well.

4. Wireless (Battery operated) Tools – NASA developed these for moon exploration.

3. Long Distance Phone Calls – NASA developed the satellite technology that made it possible for the world to remain in contact.

2. Memory Foam Mattress – The material was developed by NASA to stay protected during plane crash scenarios.

1. Smoke Detectors – The ones at your home that can differentiate between harmful gases and smoke were developed in 1973 in Honeywell Corporation.