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Top 10 Cases for Galaxy On5

Galaxy on5 was released in November 2015 and along with its sister phone On7 was targeted for the l0w end market. The phone is far from cutting edge technology but is reliable & affordable machine. It features 1.5 GB RAM with aa 8MP camera and 5-inch screen.

10. Yaker Clear Case(7.85$)

This clear case is made from soft TPU and helps keep that brand new shine of your phone by protecting it from dust & scratches.

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9. Galaxy On5 Case, CoverON® Dual Layered(5.99$)

Dual layered cases are one of the best in protection as they are made from a combination of Silicone rubber and polycarbonate plastic. This case also comes with a belt clip holster.

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8. Galaxy On5 Case,Mama Mouth(7.99$)

Mama mouth has a wide collection of cases for all sort of phones. This particular case has ample amount of pocket space and can be converted into a kickstand.

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7. Galaxy On5 Case,SLMY(TM)(5.90$)

A luxury wallet case with magnetic closure. The black color gives this case an elegant touch & with good amount of pocket space to keep your stuff. If keeping your cards in phone case is your thing then this becomes an excellent choice.

Available Here!

6. Wallet Case by Sophia(6.99$)

This wallet case features exquisite art that gives this case mesmerizing aesthetics. The wallet case has a magnetic closure and can be converted into a kickstand.

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5. Ivencase (6.99$)

Another wallet case on our list. All of the cases are nearly equal, and we have judged them on the protection they offer, so the thicker the leather, the better it is.

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4. Leathlux Elegant Feather Premium PU Leather Wallet Case (4.89$)

The best wallet case available in the market today for On5. The case has the thickest coating of leather with an inner silicon sleeve and as a bonus feature visually appealing art.

Available Here!

3. Galaxy On5 Case, Nagebee Heavy Duty (8.98$)

A heavy duty dual layered case that is available in many different colors. The case even features a kickstand so that you can watch your movies in peace

Available Here!

2. Samsung Galaxy On5 Dual Layered Case, CoverON®(7.99$)

Cover On’s dual layered case with an easy to grip design.  The case even has a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

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1. Galaxy On5 Case, Aomax®(8.88$)

One of the different looking cases yet having dual layered design. The case’s shiny metallic look and stylish ergonomics make it the best case out there!

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