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Tony Hawk And Mercedes Unveil Electric Minivan With A Built-In Electric Longboard

Mercedes electric minivan with a builtin electric longboard revealed

A new video was released by Mercedes and Tony Hawk in collaboration revealing a futuristic concept electric minivan and it seems like Tony has switched to electric for good.

Tony Hawk is a famous skateboarder and holds loads of awards to his name for his unparalleled skateboarding skills. Formerly, the guy was an advocate of the conventional skateboards and had his reasons to oppose the electric ones, however, those reasons for Tony have changed to now favor electric skateboards and electric cars with the unveiling of Mercedes Electric Minivan packing a futuristic built-in electric skateboard with charger.

In the video, the whole of Tony’s neighborhood is amazed to see the skateboarding legend rolling on an electric skateboard, one curious neighbor asks Tony, why the change? He replies saying, I have got my reasons. And that is the point in the video where everyone gets a chance to be even more amazed seeing the futuristic Mercedes Minivan rolling out of Tony’s garage.

The new EQT concept minivan by Mercedes is a seven-seater and falls in the company’s van category and comes with a Panoramic sunroof. It aims to cater to an audience including families and fans of sports, and also fits in more amount of luggage. The vehicle is easily recognizable on the first look that it belongs to the Mercedes EQ family.

The EQT concept comes with a wide body and features a black front panel with LED front headlights. The wheels on the concept car are striking and attract attention due to the amazingly done rare design. It also comes featuring stars with a 3D effect throughout its exterior starting from the EQT’s body and including the wheels, the panoramic sunroof, and also flows all the way back to the electric longboard in its charging deck.

Coming to the Mercedes Concept Electric Minivan’s interior; it is a contrast of black and white leather coverings. Its instrument panel catches most of the attention with a giant 56-inch touchscreen giving out a modern look. The EQT comes with an MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes Benz User Experience) and can be easily operated using the central display with touch functions. Other highlights of the infotainment system include live traffic information, over-the-air updates, and “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant.

The EQT concept is a luxurious-looking minivan by Mercedes that for now is revealed in virtual mode and is announced to hit the roads sometime in the coming year. The spacious van is a fit for the whole family going out for a picnic. It sure is a plus if someone in the family is a skateboarding enthusiast like Tony Hawk, as the rear of it packs a built-in electric skateboard with its designated charger.

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