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Tokyo Is Building The Sky Mile Tower That Will Be Twice The Height Of Burj Khalifa

Japan has plans of constructing the world’s tallest building that once completed, shall stand twice as tall as Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The building has been named as Sky Mile Tower and shall be 5,577ft tall and will be able to accommodate 55,000 persons in Tokyo Bay, an inlet southeast of the Japanese capital.

If the plans for the building are accepted and given the go ahead, then they would be surrounded by an array of man-made hexagonal islands. The islands have been designed to impart protection to Tokyo against flooding and shall work as a foundation for homes for over half a million people.

The tower and satellite islands have been designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and engineering firm Leslie E Robertson. The structure is slated to be partially powered by green energy. Solar panels, wind farms and algae farms on the islands are also planned for the sake of providing electricity.

The tower will feature multi-level sky lobbies amenities such as restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, hotels, health clinics and libraries will be available for tenants. The tower’s façade has been designed so that it collects, filters and stores water, thus preventing the need for pumping the water up to top floors. The skyscraper is scheduled for completion by 2045.