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This YouTuber Tested A Tesla Model 3 Autopilot To See If It Stops For A Person

tesla model 3 vs box boy

Many news surfaced about Tesla Autopilot accidents; however, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other team members of the company defended their system by saying that it often prevents crashes. The host of the YouTube channel “il Tesla” decided to test the system himself with the help of his friend box boy. Box Boy was on the road to check the system so that no harm could come to any human during the test.

Box Boy is a person-sized concoction made of cardboard. It was fitted with cameras and was dressed in a hat. The “il Tesla” host put the box boy in a few tricky situations to see if his Tesla Model 3 will stop for this paper-based man or not. Box Boy became the new YouTube star after the video went viral. Viewers asked if he would be available for parties and photo shoots.

The video has a split screen view which shows the view from the driver’s perspective as well as the box boy’s. He also gave a look at the Model 3’s impressive dashboard. The YouTuber explained the results of his experiment while Box Boy kept standing by his side faithfully. This video is a fun test, and it also provides some useful information on Autopilot.

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