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This Yacht Broker Is Attempting To Sell The Leftovers Of An OceanGate Submersible

Yacht Broker Attempting To Sell Leftover OceanGate Submersible

A unique submersible with a controversial history has recently caught attention in underwater exploration. Previously owned by OceanGate, the same company involved in a tragic incident at the Titanic wreck, this submersible is now up for sale.

As stated in the sale listing, The submersible is known as the Antipodes, a cheerful yellow vessel built in 1973 by Perry Submersibles. OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush initially purchased it as the company’s first sub. Unfortunately, OceanGate made headlines when the Titan sub, during a recent expedition to the Titanic wreck, experienced a catastrophic failure, resulting in the loss of five lives, including Rush’s.

Despite the Antipodes’ separate identity and impeccable safety record, the sub has been challenging to sell due to its association with OceanGate and the ongoing litigation surrounding the tragic incident. The yacht broker responsible for the sale, Steve Reoch, expressed his frustration, stating that he has been attempting to sell the sub for the past five years but has decided to disassociate himself due to the immense challenges involved.

The Antipodes, with a length of 13-and-a-half feet, are designed to dive up to 1,000 feet, as indicated in the listing. It can accommodate five people and features two large plastic domes that provide a captivating view of the underwater world. Despite its fascinating features and a history that includes notable journeys, such as one with the rapper Macklemore, Reoch remains adamant about severing ties with the vessel.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with it,” Reoch revealed to Insider, expressing his frustration with the lack of interest and the lengthy litigation process hindering the sale.

As the yacht broker relinquishes involvement with the vessel, the future of this intriguing submersible hangs in uncertainty, highlighting the complexities of its sale.

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