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This Woman Almost Recycled 1st Generation Apple Computer Worth $200,000

This Woman Almost Recycled 1st Generation Apple Computer

What happens when you find a 1st generation Apple computer in your garage? If you’re like this woman, you would take it to a recycling station in Silicon Valley without realizing that its actual value at an auction was $200,000.

She was clearing her garage and found the Apple I, the first computer that was hand assembled by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne back in 1976. It only has 4kb of memory and was sold for $600 originally with only 200 units of them being made. The woman didn’t know how valuable the computer was and simply dropped it off at a recycling center in Clean Bay Area along with other boxes of electronics.

About a week later, the team at the center came across the 1st generation Apple computer and realized what it is worth. The center says that it will be paying 50% to the woman, despite the fact that the woman has not left any contact details. The vice president of the recycling center said that he will be able to recognize her if he saw her again.
Ignorance is not always a blessing, isn’t it?

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