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This Wireless Automatic Car Tent Is One Of The Best Car Accessories That You Can Buy

The world has moved towards automation, and nearly every item has evolved from being manual to automatic. Following the trend, a company called Lanmodo has developed an all in one wireless car tent. This is an ideal car accessory for anyone who travels a lot and also loves their car equally. The Lanmodo wireless car tent provides protection and shield to the vehicle from the environment where it is parked. Be it rain, or scorching sun; now you can protect your car from all kinds of harsh weathers.

Covering cars with manual covers is not only time consuming but a little complicated as well. This car tent can be installed within minutes, and all you need to do is to press a button. Since it is portable, you can take the tent with you anywhere you go and install it instantly when needed. In summers, when the car interior becomes hot and uncomfortable due to the sun; this car tent can provide shade to your car and keep the temperature inside cool. The car tent is sturdy enough to withstand heavy objects like bricks, stones and not let the vehicle get damaged. The car tent is in the production phase and you can order yourself one for $239 on their official website.