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This Village In China Has Been Abandoned For Decades. See What Nature Has Done To It

Shengsi Archipelago is a famous tourist destination located at China’s Yangtze River. It is composed of 400 islands out of which only 18 are habitable. Out of these, one holds a secret that will surely amaze you. Zhou Jie is a photographer who uses the name Jane Green online and has captured this secret quite skillfully. The pictures of the abandoned fishing village located on one of the islands shows how ivy and other native plants are slowly reclaiming it in the name of Mother Nature.

The buildings have overgrown and now sport a ghostly appearance.

The houses are relics of an era long gone as well. Some feature personal touches as well, check out this roof’s decorative border.

There isn’t much information available regarding why this village was abandoned. However, from the looks of it, it has been abandoned for quite some time. The place imparts a sense of tranquility.

Nature will soon take over all the remnants of the human life in this place.

Despite that, one can still very easily imagine people living here a long time ago.

The exact location of this village isn’t known and that is for the best. Limited number of visitors ensure that this place gets to keep its charm.