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This Video Of Argentina’s New Presidential Plane Performing An Intense Flyby Is Going Viral

An intense flyby performed by Argentina’s new presidential 757 has gone viral, capturing the attention of onlookers and social media users alike. The hair-raising maneuver took place at Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires, surprising those traveling by plane on May 25. The pilots of “ARG 01,” a VVIP configured Boeing 757-200 intended for Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández, executed an extremely low wing-down, gear-up pass.

Videos of the flyby recorded by spectators at the airport show the aircraft flying low over runway 13, executing a missed approach, and then making a steep left bank. It circled back around above the Río de la Plata before finally landing. The footage captured from different angles emphasizes just how close to the runway the aircraft flew.

One notable feature of ARG 01 is its distinctive custom livery, adorned with Argentina’s national flag colors and the “Sun of May” symbol. While many onlookers at the airport were impressed by the pilots’ skill in executing the maneuver, others questioned its rationality. Airline pilot @scottiebateman took to Twitter to express doubts about the necessity of the performance, even if the relevant aviation safety authorities and air traffic control were informed in advance.

Safety concerns were further amplified by poor weather conditions during the aircraft’s arrival and flyby. Some also raised concerns about the size of the aircraft and the fact that the maneuver was performed after a long ferry flight from the United States.

Although low flyovers have been witnessed at Argentina’s civil airports in the past, the viral footage of the presidential 757’s maneuver has generated mixed reactions. The arrival of ARG 01 is particularly significant as it restores the level of executive transport that had diminished when the previous presidential aircraft, “Tango 01,” ceased operations.

Due to its short field performance, range, economy, and roomy cabin, the Boeing 757-200 is no stranger to VVIP and military service. It has been used by the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a multi-role transport and by the Mexican Air Force as a presidential transport. In the US, specially modified C-32s based on the Boeing 757-200 serve as “Air Force Two” and have also been utilised as “Air Force One.” They contribute significantly to special operations and emergency assistance.

While the intense flyby of Argentina’s new presidential 757 has captured attention and sparked discussion, opinions about its execution and the rationale behind it remain divided.

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