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This Vertical Forest Hotel In China Revolutionizes the Concept Of Green Architecture

The renowned architect from Milan, Stefano Boeri has designed yet another architectural marvel named Mountain Forest Hotel in Guizhou, China’s Wanfeng Valley. The designer rose to fame with his plant covered architectural designs including the Bosco Verticale in Milan and The Tower of the Cedars in Lausanne.


Image Source: Inhabitat


The Mountain Forest Hotel will be an eco-friendly, sky-high structure. Boeri explained the idea of the design and stated that the hotel will be officially inaugurated in Fall 2017:

 “It’s a symbol of restitution. Buildings have to take care of nature.”

The Chinese artist and interior designer Simon Ma collaborated with Boeri to finalize the layout and design of the 31,200-square-meter structure. The hotel will be a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Cachet Hotel Group. The hotel will offer all the luxuries of a high-end hotel including two restaurants, lounges and recreation facilities like swimming pool, spa, and a fully equipped fitness center.


Image Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti China


The design of The Mountain Forest Hotel has been inspired from the original geographical structure and topography of Guizhou, also known as the “Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks”. Boeri’s group reiterated its commitment to protecting the ecosystem saying:

 “The design aims to restore the landscape, by reconstructing a former existing hill that was flattened years ago, in this way emulating the past and present hills. Symbiosis is the goal. Sustainability not only depends on energy conservation, but on a wider biodiversity. The symbiosis between man, architecture and nature is the real sustainability.”

Guizhou was included in the list of the 52 To Go places in 2016 by the New York Times. Until the construction of a $20 billion high-speed railway in 2014, the Guizhou province was one of the remotest regions of China.


Image Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti China


Boeri is also aboard the “Forest City” masterplan in Shijiazhuang and a stock exchange building in Shanghai.  Boeri faces the challenge of restoring the balance in the ecosystem of the smog-filled Shijiazhuang:

“Shijiazhuang for its part, has a sad record: it is the city with the highest rate of air pollution in China. A pall of smog and soot that rises only a few days a year. The Forest City in Shijiazhuang will be a new city for 100,000 inhabitants. A city of new generation, capable of becoming a model of sustainable growth in a large country that each year sees 14 million farmers migrating to the cities.”


Image Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti China


Boeri’s ideas are redefining the concept of green architecture around the world.