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This Vending Machine Makes Fresh Baguettes On Demand

This Vending Machine Bids Bon Appétit With Its Fresh Baguettes_Image 1

Le Bread Xpress is a venture of Benoit Herve that can roll out a fresh French baguette whenever you feel like having one.


Image Source: Le Bread Xpress


The micro-bakery has been installed at the Myriad, San Francisco and it churns out oven-fresh warm baguette 24/7. You can see the Le Bread Xpress in action in the video below:



Herve’s search for a truly great French baguette in San Francisco led him to create Le Bread Xpress. This bread vending machine was originally invented by a French baker. Herve made a few modification to the original design and came up with Le Bread Xpress.


Image Source: 985thejewel


The vending machine is loaded with partially baked loaves. The customers can pay via Android Pay or Apply Pay and enjoy a fresh loaf of French baguette whenever they feel like it.


Image Source: Mental Floss


Next stop on Herve’s list is the San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria. So, a French baguette anyone?