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This Ukrainian Company Is Offering A Free iPhone 7 To Anyone Who Changes His Name To iPhone Seven

There’s not much one wouldn’t do to get their hands on an iPhone 7! In Ukraine, the cost of a brand new iPhone 7 is more than four average salaries in the country. However, a local retailer of the Apple products has made a unique offer to the Ukrainian residents. All they need to win the stylish, new iPhone 7 is to change their name to ‘iPhone 7’!


Image Source: Allo is the largest mobile phone retailer in Ukraine. This unique and weird iPhone 7 giveaway offered by the retailer requires the Ukrainians to give up their given names and adopt iPhone 7 as their legal name to win the latest Apple handset.

The participants in the giveaway competition would first need to file an application with the Ukrainian State Registry of Civil Status Acts to officially change their first name to ‘iPhone’ and the last name to ‘Seven.’ After the State Registry issues a new ID with the new name, the person must snap a selfie with it and send it to the retailer for confirmation.



The first five people who successfully change their name to ‘iPhone Seven’ will be invited to the Allo store to get their 32GB iPhone 7. All they need is to present their ID and claim their prize.

To ensure a fair contest, Allo conducted a survey and ascertained that no Ukrainian resident was named iPhone 7. The name change process costs only 100UAH (equivalent to $4). Thus, given the popularity of the tech giant, we won’t be surprised if iPhone Seven becomes the most common Ukrainian name quite soon. Already, the people have started registering!


Image Source: Allo


The offer was launched on October 17 and will run through to March 1, 2017. The people can enter their claims by registering in the next four months. Since the company is offering only five iPhone7 handsets, the extended registration period is a bit puzzling. will officially announce the lucky ‘iPhone Sevens’ via its website.

Would you change your name for the sake of an expensive gadget? Let us know in comments!

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