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This Truck Can Lay 50 Meters Of Its Own Road In 6 Minutes And Pick It Up Later

A major problem associated with driving through a mucky area is that the larger the number of vehicles that navigate through it, the muddier it gets. This poses a serious challenge for the military and disaster-relief agencies that often have to find their way through such areas, with supply-laden vehicles.


Image Source: Faun Trackways


Faun Trackway is a Wales-based company that has come up with an innovative idea to traverse such tricky areas. The company has come up with the design of a truck that lugs around its own road, lays it when needed and then picks it back up. You can watch a Faun Trackways truck in action in this video:

The truck rolls out thin aluminium extrusions to act as a roadway. The pathway can support vehicles up to 70 metric tonnes. The vehicles can thus negotiate their way around

“sand, snow, mud, swamp and ice.”

The spool of 50-meter long Trackway can be deployed to cross impassable terrains and reach the previously inaccessible areas.


Image Source: Faun Trackways


The Trackway is being used by 30 military forces around the world while many disaster relief organisations have also employed the Faun Trackway trucks.


Image Source: Faun Trackways


The truck can roll out the 50-meter-long track in under six minutes. Once all the vehicles have passed through, the Trackway truck can roll up the track and be on its way in no time at all.


Image Source: Faun Trackways


The company has also come with innovative designs for the portable aircraft landing strips and helipads. See these designs in the videos below: