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This Tesla S Converted Into A Hearse Will Make Sure That You Die In Style

You all know about the conventional look of the Tesla Model S, right? But have you seen the new look of the famous Model S? This particular look is longer and taller as opposed to the conventional Model S but can only seat two people in the front and one person in the back. It is not available on the Tesla website. Alright, that is enough, right? It is a hearse and was built in Norway by Jan Erik Naley.

Yes, it does cost a lot more than the regular Model S by Tesla. Now to stop and wonder if Model S is a right fit for being transformed into a hears. As it happens; it is. The hearse is driven for short distances; from the church to the funeral home, and then to the graveyard. All of these three places are generally situated close to each other. Furthermore, this also allows for ample time to charge the vehicle since it is not being used throughout the day.

This led the Norwegian Website, Finn, to move forward with the sale of a Tesla Model S hearse online for a price tag of $223,500. It has been built by Jan Erik Naley who is famous for making hearses and has already created three Tesla versions of hearses.

It was not an easy task, however. The car not only had to undergo a transformation in its interior but also the back of the roof and the length of the vehicle had to be increased by 80 centimeters by Jan Erik Naley. The vehicle has already covered 1,000 kilometers.

We will have to wait and see what Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has to say about this. And we will also have to wait and see if the hearse option becomes a standard option on the Tesla website. Fingers crossed!