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This Surgical Snake Robot Will Enter Your Mouth And Crawl Inside You

Howie Choset is a professor in the Robotics Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University who has designed a snake-like robot that will slither down your throat, for health reasons.


Image Source: Medrobotics


The Flex Robotic System has been designed for minimally invasive surgeries in the thoracic region. The robotic system can be navigated by the surgeons to the site where the laparoscopic surgery is then performed.


Image Source: Medrobotics
Image Source: Medrobotics


Laparoscopic surgeries use small surgical instruments fixed to long, thin sticks and wires, leaving you with only a tiny scar on the outside. Although FlexDex has introduced a very innovative design for the laparoscopic instruments, they still can’t wriggle their way around your body like a robotic snake.



The surgical snake bot designed by Choset will allow the surgeons to perform laparoscopic surgeries in a better way. Watch the demo of the surgical snake robot in this video.



Would you allow a surgical robot to slither down your throat? Let us know in comments!

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