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This Subway In New York Started 100 Years Ago Will Be Opened For The Public On January 1, 2017

second avenue subway

The Second Avenue Subway Line is finally about to be opened after a delay of nearly 100 years! East Side Manhattanites were given a super holiday gift, as their Governor Cuomo announced that the infamously delayed Second Avenue subway line would be opening to the public on January 1st, 2017.

Cuomo opened the facility for the New York Daily News, and the press was given a tour of the Second Ave. Subway line’s new 86th St. station yesterday. The news made all the headlines as the facility was subject to nearly a century of planning and construction. 

But given line’s history smudged with setbacks, false starts and delays, many Manhattanites are still sceptical about the claim.

Many feel that this will just be one of those long lists of false promises, and their apprehensions were further strengthened after Cuomo admitted that declaring the opening date was a “leap of faith”.

He told the Daily News,

“As you can see, it’s not all buttoned up. Obviously something unforeseen could always happen. But we’re saying that’s going to open on Jan 1.”

Believe it or not, but the plans for line date back to 1919, and the construction was delayed for over half a century when it finally started in 1972. But soon after that, the project was plagued with a series of financial issues. It is now 2016, and the administration is still not sure about the project’s finality.

The new subway line consists of the Q train extending from 63rd St. to 96th St, which will open up transportation options for the people living on the East Side. The project also has a second phase, which when built will continue the Q even further up north to 125th St.
We are excited, are you?

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