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This Street Art Is Only Visible When Its Raining

Rain can be dull and dreary, especially if you live in Seattle where frequent precipitation is the norm. Artists, Peregrine Church and Xack Fischer, locals of Seattle came up with an innovative idea to bring a little bit of happiness and cheer to gray, rainy days.

The artists created the Rainworks series. It is the name given to pieces of art that only appear when wet, featuring messages, images and interactive games that work great for a city with more rain than shine. Part of the idea was to encourage people to enjoy the rain, and reward those who go out and enjoy the drizzle.

The street art is temporary, but can last for months before fading away. The water repellent sprays used are eco-friendly and will biodegrade when the designs eventually dissolve. It kind of has the same concept as invisible ink. Church’s work is quite compelling; some drawings are just random playful images, or geek and gaming references, while others carry water usage messages. So the next time you’re in Seattle and you’re caught in a drizzle, don’t fight it, enjoy it!