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This Startup Wants To Form A 210-Satellite Constellation To Improve Air Traffic Safety

With more and more missions and expeditions to space, innovative ideas are being tossed around and actually being implemented. This advancement is just the tip of the iceberg when compared with the endless possibilities that have been enabled due to modern technology. Soon, there will be significantly many more companies working in this arena and bringing unprecedented breakthroughs for us.

Recently, a space-based organization by the name of Skykraft has proposed one of its projects for SpaceX. It is based in Australia in Canberra. It intends to send a satellite on SpaceX on its mission of Transporter-5. This satellite will weigh almost 300 kg or 661 lbs.

This launch will be quite significant for the company and its work with air traffic. This will allow the company to conduct preliminary tests for Skykraft Air Traffic Management satellites. These satellites will form a constellation of 210 satellites from all over the world. Skykraft states that this will enable the company to work on air traffic management and it will be of aid at a global level. As a result, it will enhance air traffic security.

According to the statement of Mark Skidmore, Executive Chair of Skykraft, the company could not have chosen any other option for sending its satellite into space as SpaceX is the best and they are very much satisfied with their decision of choosing it.

These satellites will be able to give information about the altitudes and locations of all aircraft at all points. There will be no breaks in the information and the flow will be continuous. This means that both the security of air travel and its efficiency will be considerably improved by this project.

The company aims to inaugurate its services related to space-based Air Traffic Management by 2023. There has been a significant drop in the cost of sending satellites into space that has enabled companies like this to invest in the area. Space is set to become a 2.7 trillion dollar industry but at the same time, it will create chaos in the same industry.

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