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This Startup Claims That Its New Military Tech Can See Through Walls

Artificial Intelligence has been revolutionizing the world for a long time and is continuously dropping some impressive specifications to leave a responsible impact on future generations. Recently, a start-up-based company, Camero-Tech, has disclosed its breakthrough, which is being structured on Israeli military technology. The company has introduced a device with a ten-inch screen that is designed to “see through the walls.” Yes, you heard it right. This new state-of-the-art technology named “Xaver 1000” would assist the soldiers during their day-to-day missions by seeing what’s behind the wall so that they can formulate their actions accordingly. As reported by the Insider, this advanced development is also raising concerns regarding the privacy and surveillance behind its extraordinary capabilities.

As per the company, “The Xaver 1000 is a futuristic gadget that can give intelligence units an unprecedented situational awareness 3D visual picture and has the ability to detect live objects (static or dynamic) behind walls and building obstacles.” However, in the situations of emergency and search and rescue missions, Xaver 1000 has made its name. This is because of its smaller size and easy-to-use nature which enables the rescue staff to immediately locate the emergency location through this contemporary mirror behind the walls and rescue the victims out there.

Moreover, the company regarded its easy-to-use nature by saying, “Operating the device is a breeze” and further said that even a single user can easily handle and control its operations effectively. The data from the device can also be saved and sent back to the company headquarters through Wi-Fi. It’s a game of AI algorithms that are programmed into the device in such a way that it makes it capable of easily detecting the body movements of the person behind the window.

In addition to this, it can also distinguish between an adult, a child, or an animal. This is the most astonishing technology ever built and seems just like a magic mirror. According to the company, “The device can penetrate most common walls and materials.” Cement and concrete are also penetrable by the device, but it can get the imaging within a radius of 137 feet of the wall. It should be important to note that it uses “ultra-wideband radar and pulse-based technology” to make this phenomenon happen.

The device is entirely portable as it comes with a “foldable antenna,” which makes it adjustable and can be folded to any position during a mission. Also, this 36-pound device can be opened up easily during any mission without any long and tedious process. Thus, to cut it short, the device is extremely useful and it would open a door of opportunities in the long term, irrespective of any field.

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