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This Start-Up Is Testing A New Electric Engine For Aircraft – One That Produces 2 Megawatts Of Power

Sustainability and green operations are becoming more important by the day. Climate change is turning out to be irreversible and with horrible repercussions. In order to manage these changes and make less contribution towards increasing the causes of climate change like global warming, changes need to be made in how things work in the industry. The automotive industry is already moving fast towards electric vehicles. Now, the aviation industry is also catching up.

There is an electric airliner startup called Wright that is working on an electric engine. They have developed a 2-megawatt engine that can power large-scale electric passenger planes. This was explained in detail in a report by TechCrunch.

The major issue in electrifying aviation flights is that it requires a massive amount of energy from the battery and the battery tends to be significantly heavy for this purpose. This development is taking the aviation industry in the right direction. The engine will produce 2,700 horsepower and have an efficiency of around 10 kilowatts per kilogram. This marks a “2x improvement over megawatt-scale motors being demonstrated in the industry,” as said by the company.

Wright founder Jeff Engler also explained to TechCrunch that the motor is “substantially lighter than anything out there.” They have made their own plane, Wright 1 aircraft, where the engine will work. in addition, they are making these engines to fit into regular other already existing airplanes as well.

This plane is the first single-aisle aircraft that will be a 186-seat airliner with an 800-mile (1,287-km) range. It will also feature several of its proprietary motors on each wing for redundancy purposes, as well as for stability. The company has received funding from NASA and the U.S. Military, and its goal is to fly passengers by 2030.

We know that the eVTOL aircraft, such as Joby Aviation’s flying taxi will soon be taking passengers in the air. The aviation industry is a long way from there but once it achieves the target, it will be unstoppable.

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