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This Stanford Professor Claims He Is 100% Certain That Aliens Are Already On Earth

Aliens 'Have Been On Earth A Long Time,' Stanford Professor Claims

According to a pathology professor at Stanford University, aliens have been present on Earth for a significant period and continue to remain here.

Dr. Garry Nolan made these astonishing claims during a recent conference on extraterrestrial intelligence and crashed UFOs. In a session titled “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs,” Dr. Nolan expressed his belief in the existence of advanced alien intelligence and the ongoing efforts of experts to reverse engineer unidentified crashed crafts.

During the SALT iConnections conference in Manhattan, host Alex Klokus challenged Dr. Nolan’s claims, expressing doubts about their plausibility. Klokus asked Dr. Nolan to assign a probability to the statement that extraterrestrial life had visited Earth. Unwavering, Dr. Nolan confidently responded, “100 percent.” He further elaborated on his perspective, suggesting that the presence of aliens takes a form of advanced intelligence utilizing intermediaries, rather than aliens physically walking among us in disguises. He likened the encounter to South American native tribes who first saw Spanish ships, unable to comprehend the unprecedented sight before them.

Dr. Nolan emphasized that these unidentified beings challenge humanity’s perception and intelligence. They aim to determine who among us possesses the capacity to recognize their true nature. He compared their intentions to an intelligence test, urging individuals to discern the anomalies and see beyond superficial appearances. Dr. Nolan highlighted the United States government’s handling of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), formerly known as UFOs, as the most compelling evidence for extraterrestrial visitations.

Recent developments, such as the establishment of The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within the Department of Defense and public Senate hearings on UFOs, have stirred controversy and captured national attention.

Referring to his personal experiences, Dr. Nolan mentioned an individual involved in gathering initial information and individuals engaged in reverse engineering programs for downed crafts. He claimed to be acquainted with individuals actively working on unraveling the secrets of these crashed unidentified crafts. Videos capturing these unknown crafts demonstrate maneuvers that defy conventional understanding and challenge the laws of physics. Dr. Nolan acknowledged the transformative potential even a small piece of knowledge from these crafts could have, revolutionizing human capabilities.

Moreover, he expressed an optimistic perspective, focused on harnessing the opportunity presented by these encounters rather than succumbing to fear or paranoia.

During the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee hearing on April 19, AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick addressed the topic of extraterrestrial life. He stated that there is no definitive evidence of alien existence. However, when questioned about Russia and China’s capabilities to threaten U.S. interests, Kirkpatrick sometimes acknowledged the presence of advanced technical signatures. He expressed concern over discerning the origins of these phenomena, suggesting that they may be connected to foreign capabilities. Kirkpatrick mentioned that investigations with the intelligence community were necessary to determine the true nature of these incidents.

Despite his acknowledgement of the advanced technical signatures, Kirkpatrick did not provide specific details about the indicators. He clarified that these cases represented only a small percentage of the overall analyzed reports, approximately 650 cases. Determining the origin of these unidentified objects proves challenging without clear indicators such as a country’s flag displayed on them.

Dr. Garry Nolan’s bold assertions regarding the presence of aliens on Earth and ongoing efforts to reverse engineer crashed UFOs have sparked intrigue and skepticism. While he firmly believes in the existence of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, his perspective challenges conventional notions of alien encounters.

The question of extraterrestrial life continues to captivate the public, with experts and skeptics engaging in ongoing debates about the nature of these unidentified phenomena.

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