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This Sperm Switch Allows Men To Turn Their Fertility On And Off With The Flick Of A Button

Here’s An Alternative To Vasectomy – Bimek SLV

Birth control is a real problem and nowadays, with the emerging technologies and science, different contraceptives for men are also being introduced. You can now say goodbye to the invasive vasectomy now thanks to an amazing invention by German inventor Clemens Bimek. The gadget is known as ‘sperm switch’ and will enable men to be able to turn on and or switch off their fertility by merely flicking a switch located inside the scrotum.

The invention is a testament that many men are opting for personal control of contraceptives instead of only relying on females. The sperm switch allows the user to take control of whether sperm makes it to the organ or not. The sperm switch, known as Bimek SLV, men no longer need to select between long-term contraceptive methods where risking themselves to becoming infertile as well.

The gadget works by simply directing the flow of sperm back to the testicles when it is switched on. The device is being touted as equal to vasectomy when it comes to its efficiency. The only difference? It is not permanent; flick the switch and you are back in ‘manufacturing business.’

The company’s website says that Bimek SLV is a lifelong and a hormone-free contraceptive option for men and isn’t permanent like vasectomy. The website further says, “Male contraception quite often means getting a vasectomy. It’s a difficult decision to make. What if you’re not quite finished planning your family? With us, there’s no need to ask this question. The Bimek SLV allows you to be sterile when you want to. The switch that toggles your fertility is controlled by you. You decide.”

The sperm switch is inserted into the scrotum via an outpatient surgery. The company says there is no downtime that has been linked with the insertion. The procedure takes only 30 minutes and the switch is entered in the ‘on’ condition. The company further says, “After the valve is closed there will still be sperm cells present in your ejaculatory fluids for up to 3 months or about another 30 ejaculations. To be completely sure of sterility it is essential that you undergo a sperm analysis, or spermiogram, with an urologist. This is the only way to be 100% sure.”

The company further says that after 3-6 months of the insertion, there would be no need for the user to worry about the device working or not. The gadget will work until the switch is turned back to ‘on’ thus allowing the flow of sperm. All the best!

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