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This Space Company Has Created A New Space Bathroom That Is Like A Spa

Space Perspective has taken another step towards revolutionizing stratospheric tourism with the introduction of a luxurious and unique addition to its Spaceship Neptune capsule: the “Space Spa” restroom. The Space Spa is designed to enhance the overall experience of passengers on the Space Perspective’s high-altitude balloon ride, offering a personal retreat in the stratosphere.

For those looking for a more laid-back space voyage, Spaceship Neptune is an attractive option because it offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere, in contrast to rivals like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic’s suborbital rocket trips. The capsule is raised to a height of around 19 miles (30 kilometers), offering the occupants breath-taking views of the planet and the universe.

The Space Spa is situated within the capsule’s Space Lounge and is an essential addition, addressing the most common question raised by potential travelers: “Will there be a restroom?” The answer is a resounding “yes,” and Space Perspective has gone the extra mile to create a restroom experience closer to a spa than a traditional aircraft lavatory.

The Space Spa boasts soft and soothing design elements, with an emphasis on light colors and ambiance to complement the celestial vistas visible through its windows. The restroom provides a moment of solitude for passengers, ensuring a peaceful and welcoming environment with a focus on cleanliness and comfort. Soft surfaces and greenery not only create an inviting space but also aid in sound and odor control.

Space Perspective is committed to offering an all-encompassing experience during its stratospheric journeys. In addition to the Space Spa, passengers can look forward to world-class food and beverages, comfortable seating, personalized amenities, Wi-Fi, specialized amenity kits, and bespoke headphones. The company’s dedication to providing an exceptional journey has led to remarkable success, with over 1,600 tickets sold, translating to a staggering $200 million in sales – a remarkable achievement in the space tourism industry.

Space Perspective, which intends to launch its first commercial flights in late 2024, has the potential to revolutionize how we perceive and investigate Earth’s stratosphere. The Space Spa is just one illustration of the opulence and attention to detail that will make these trips genuinely remarkable by allowing travelers to unwind, rest, and take in the wonders of space.

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