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This Solar Powered Yacht Can Cruise Indefinitely At A Speed Of 5 Knots

That’s right; it is covered in 300 sq. meters of solar panels. That’s equivalent of 3,229 sq.ft. It is quiet and moves swiftly; say hello to SolarImpact yacht. It measures in at 24 meters and is a concept designed as the first of its kind.

The SolarImpact yacht is an ocean-going yacht that is solar powered. It features an 800-kWh battery that allows it to cruise for 10 hours. This time can be extended by charging the onboard battery using sunlight.

The solar array installed on the yacht’s upward facing surfaces is capable of generating up to 320 kWh a day, given that it is getting loads of sun. They can also serve as the yacht’s only power source if the conditions allow them and if you are ready to take your time – aka if you are okay with low speeds.

The SolarImpact yacht weighs in at 70 tons and offers 1,000 kW of electric power and an impressive maximum speed of 22 knots. However, if you are relying on solar for all of the regular systems, you will have to lower the speed to 5 knots. The upside? You will be able to cruise indefinitely! At this speed, you will be able to travel around the world in about six months if there wasn’t a whole lot of land in your way.

For comparison’s sake; a regular yacht of a similar size will burn about 100 liters of fuel per hour at a speed of 10 knots. The SolarImpact yacht is about an inch or two less than the cutoff point for a superyacht that requires a permanent crew on board in various countries.

But wait, what about the days when the sun isn’t shining so generously? Don’t worry; the yacht comes with a pair of 65-kW diesel engines as well that can serve as backup. The drive systems are automated and rely on AI assistance thus making it possible for a single person to maneuver the yacht.

The SolarImpact yacht also features a remarkable stabilizing technology. The twin torpedo design of the buoyancy hulls can reduce the side by side rolling by about 90% according to the company. This makes the yacht highly comfortable even when the waves are being difficult. The yacht offers accommodations for 10 guests and a crew of one.

This concept was revealed last week at the Cannes Yachting Festival and featured a full 3D model for the potential buyers to explore the vessel.