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This Smart Helmet By Sena Is A Perfect Companion Of Your Bike Trips

Pic Credits: NewAtlas

Those days are already gone and forgotten when the helmets were merely thought of as a means of providing safety to the riders. Today, they have become more of a fashion symbol, with multitudes of gadgets and smart devices to make them an exciting prospect. The helmet developed by the company known as Sena is a smart helmet fully loaded with a QHD camera, built-in speakers, bluetooth, and even an intercom for short distance communications.

Image Credits: NewAtlas

The Sena Smart helmet uses bluetooth to connect to a smartphone. Once the connection has been established, you can control your entire phone using this helmet. The helmet can play tunes through two external speakers without cutting you off from the world. It can be connected to a tracking app as well to find out the cycling statistics like heart rate, average speed, and miles traveled, etc.

The helmet also uses a microphone that is fixed at the front. It allows the bikers to either make a hands-free phone call or use the novel intercom system that allows up to four people to group chat within a range of half-mile (900 m). A mobile app allows the bikers to fiddle with these systems to change their settings.

Image Credits: NewAtlas

The helmet has a camera mounted at the front and center that can record up to two hours of video in either 1440p Quad HD at 30 fps or 1080p Full HD at 60 fps. You can make a professional video of your amazing trips by either putting background music or recording the intercom communication of your trip. The recordings are automatically stored on an inbuilt MicroSD card, and you can easily transfer them using Wi-Fi. A separate mobile app is used with the camera to preview, play, and change the settings of the recordings.

Image Credits: NewAtlas

While biking, you can use the buttons located on either side of the helmet. The buttons on the left side are used for Bluetooth functions, and the buttons on the right side start or stop the camera. The company also offers an additional accessory that allows the user to put these controls right on the handlebars.

Sena has introduced the Smart Helmet at Interbike. According to the company, the product will be commercially launched at a retail price of US$349, with the option of a sans-camera version for an additional $199.

Image Credits: NewAtlas

Do you think that this helmet can improve the quality of riding for bikers or is it just one of those overly fancy gadgets? Let us know in the comments’ section below!