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This Smart Alarm Clock Wakes You Earlier In Case Of Heavy Traffic

Imagine getting up early in the morning as your alarm goes up and pressing the snooze button. “Just 10 more minutes”, you tell yourself. You rise up after 15, get dressed up for work and leave only to find out that you are stuck in a traffic jam.



Credits: Snorelaxapp.com


Introducing the new iOS-only app called Snorelax that will wake you earlier if it suspects that traffic jams in your usual route can cause you to be late. This $2 app keeps a check on the historical traffic data, monitors the current traffic conditions, including new constructions and accidents and predicts how long it will take for you to reach your destination on a given day; compensating for any travel delays by waking you up earlier.


Credits: Snorelaxapp.com


All you need to do is teach your app the route you take daily, when you wish to get up, how long it takes you to get ready and it’s done and dusted. The app will wake you earlier in case of expected delays and also gives you insight on your route so you can devise an alternate one or check the weather forecast of your area, and decide whether you should go to work. You can then simply go to bed with a satisfaction that you won’t be late in the morning, unless of course, you keep pressing that snooze button every time!

A fun fact for you: The app is named after the Pokemon species Snorlax named such because of his sleeping spells. For more details on the app and its subscription, visit the Snorelax website:

Snorlax- Pokemon Species