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This ‘Secret’ Netflix Hack Prevents You From Watching A Trash Show Ever Again

'Secret' Netflix Hack That Prevents You From Watching A Trash Show Ever Again

Netflix has become a popular platform for viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies, but it can be frustrating when you end up watching a bad movie. However, users have found a way to reduce the risk of wasting their time on bad movies using a downloadable Chrome extension called Trim.

This extension adds IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings to the thumbnails in the Netflix menu, allowing users to see what millions of other people think about the film before deciding to watch it.

Netflix’s internal review system is based on the number of subscribers who watch a movie for at least two minutes, which can be misleading. Therefore, using Trim’s ratings can help filter out low-rated movies and improve the viewing experience.

Moreover, the extension also adds an extra tab for hidden Netflix categories, allowing users to browse their favorite genre by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting a favorite genre.

Users can also hide their viewing history from their significant other or roommates by accessing their account from a web browser and selecting the Open Viewing Activity option. From there, users can click on the hide icon next to the episode or title they want to keep secret, and changes will take up to 24 hours to reflect.

Watching Netflix during off-peak hours, such as early morning and late at night, can improve video quality and speed. This is especially important for those paying more for the 4K UHD and HDR package, which costs $10 more than the basic tier. Most people tend to watch Netflix between 8 pm and 10 pm, which is prime time for relaxation after work.

Netflix also has a secret menu containing hundreds of hidden titles not on the main platform. This alternative catalog can be accessed using codes associated with a specific genre, such as High Brow Horror, Irreverent TV Comedies, and 90-minute movies. Users can access the secret collections by typing “” into the URL and adding a unique ID code on any desktop or by typing the code in the “search” bar if they use Netflix on a TV.

These simple hacks can improve the Netflix viewing experience and prevent wasting time on bad movies. Trim is a free Chrome extension that is easy to download and can provide valuable ratings for movies before deciding to watch them.

Users can also access the secret Netflix menu and hide their viewing history to improve their viewing experience.

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