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This RV Covered By Solar Panels Does Not Require Any Fuel

Solar Panel Covered RV By Dethleffs Doesn’t Require Fuel

Check out this amazing solar-powered RV that can run without fuel or the need of charging stations. With this amazing Iveco Daily Electric chassis that comes from Dethleffs, you can plan your trips without having to worry about the cost of fuel because there is no cost of fuel!

Yes, you read that right; the RV company Dethleffs has managed to achieve this using Iveco Daily Electric chassis that basically runs on solar power and doesn’t require any fuel. Unlike other electric vehicles, it doesn’t even require a charging station. Just get this bad boy out in the sun, and you are good to go!

The RV can get you that off-grid status that many of us are aiming for but are unable to achieve. The RV has solar panels installed on its sides and top. A total of 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels have been installed on the RV. The solar panels are able to generate a total of 3,000 watts of energy thus taking away the need of a charging station to make sure that your batteries are topped up!

This wonderfully engineered RV by Dethleffs features a 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery and can run for a total of 100 miles before it requires a recharge. This value has been calculated after taking into consideration all of the fittings that have been incorporated into the RV. The battery is good enough for a total of 1,500 charges or about 250,000 kilometers.

The RV is not your average house on wheels but comes with a surprisingly well array of technologies apart from its solar panels. It comes with a driver assistance technology, smart windows, and even has an incredible system of heating that can transform your life especially on the road. Put simply, this RV covered in solar panels by Dethleffs is the perfect choice for traveling around without worrying about a thing!

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