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This Rock Band Wants Elon Musk To Let Them Play In Space

I guess Dogecoin isn’t the only one that wants Elon Musk to send it to space. Even the famous rock band The Flaming Lips wants to go to outer space and play their music zero gravity style. The band wants to reach for the stars literally and what better way than to ask the techno king himself to send them into space.

The Flaming Lips want to be the first band to play their music on the International Space Station. The pandemic has been hard for the bands, who were unable to do live concerts in fear of the coronavirus. The Flaming Lips, though, made headlines last year for doing a concert mid pandemic with every member of the band and the audience being sealed in their own plastic bubbles.

Singer Wayne Coyne, spoke with Audacy saying that “I think now we’re just starting to get back to what we think of as slightly normal life, and it’s chaotic too. People forget the world was scary and dangerous before COVID. In some ways, I feel like COVID kind of insulated you a little bit from the chaos… and gosh, what a great gift it gave us in that way. To let us have our own time and own perspective for a little while. I hope that we walk away with no COVID, but a great appreciation for this special time and this big, special effort that the whole world kind of made”.

He then spoke about how he wanted for his band to perform in Space and that he was putting all his cards on Elon Musk. He said that “I still hold out hope with the likes of an Elon Musk being out there”. He further said that “I love him. I think he’s cool and I think he’s got big ideas that are actually working. We’ve always said that we want to be the first band to play on the International Space Station, and I feel like to even say that on your show, he might be listening”.

We all hope that Musk is listening because knowing how much of an eccentric he is, it could very well actually happen. The people working in the International Space Station could be in for a treat. Having a band perform in space could be something written down in the history books.

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