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This Restaurant Chains Emigrants To Their Seats So That They Pay Before Leaving

Venezuelan journalist by the name of Luis Martinez works for La Patilla. Luis Martinez recently reported on a bizarre incident where the pictures of a Venezuelan emigrant were posted on Twitter showing the emigrant chained to his seat at a restaurant in Peru. This was done to make sure that he paid before he left. The incident has started a controversy online!

You can still find the article that was published by La Patilla and written by Luis Martinez, but the photos that were posted on the journalist’s Twitter have been removed. Martinez claims to have received the pictures from countryman that moved to Peru after the political and social turmoil that has been haunting Venezuela.

The journalist claimed in one of the deleted tweets that this man took pictures of himself after he was chained to his seat but requested for his face to be blurred out because he didn’t want any repercussions in Peru. La Patilla said that the photos serve as evidence of xenophobia and discrimination that is being carried out against Venezuelan emigrants.

A lot of the readers were quick to call BS on this story by Luis Martinez saying that no person would be willing to accept this treatment. The readers also called out La Patilla for sharing ‘fake news’ for the sake of clicks. However, in the deleted tweets Martinez had claimed that the guy didn’t know that he was going to be chained to his seat and when it did happen, he took pictures as evidence and then left.

Martinez said, ‘I’m offering more information because certain people have expressed doubts about the veracity of the news. The name of the person in the photos is kept anonymous for fear of reprisals. He claims he didn’t know what was going to happen until he was seated. He just took the photos and left; he couldn’t even eat. He says he kept the name of the restaurant because he wants to file a complaint about it.’

What do you think about this whole situation?