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This New ‘Unsinkable’ Caravan Can Suck Up Its Wheels For Use In Water

German firm Scoter has revealed a new caravan with an unusual feature, according to a report by New Atlas published on Thursday. The vehicle features wheels that can rotate 180 degrees back into the hulls when it goes into the water.

Scoter ends the need for a separate boat trailer while still being fit for life on a lake or a beach. The vehicle was featured at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

It was placed outside one of the exhibition halls. It only had two signs – one German, one English – that explained what it was and a few of its features. Scoter also has a website, in German, that gives more information and pictures.

It’s not the prettiest or most immediately enticing due to its insipid colors and weak architecture.

However, the fact that the self-reliant Scoter can roll behind a tow vehicle on its own wheels and can then proceed to enter the water and store away its wheels makes it enthralling.

The craft isn’t designed to have high speed. Rather, it’s supposed to drift leisurely under the power of a small electric or fuel motor. Its maker says it is engineered to tackle up to 60 hp which is quite slow but without the wheels hanging around it could reach those speeds smoothly.

There are no pictures of the inside of the caravan so we have no idea what that space looks like or how comfy it will be for long trips. It doesn’t look big enough to host enough guests comfortably but looks can often be deceiving in those types of vehicles.

It is like another amphibian vehicle that was both an RV caravan and a boat. Introduced in 2018 and created by another German company called CaravanBoat, the Departure One is a fully self-sufficient vehicle on both land and water.

It could efficiently be towed behind a car and used as an RV or could be sent into the water to work as a boat.

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