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This New Transparent TV Tech By LG Will Blow Your Mind

LG has unveiled its groundbreaking transparent OLED TV, the OLED T, marking the first time such technology is available for consumers in a home setting. The 77-inch transparent TV was showcased at CES 2024, where it garnered attention for its unique and innovative design.

The TV features a transparent OLED screen that allows users to see through it when not in use, resembling a chic stand and shelf. During a demonstration, images such as a school of fish, a field of stars, animated figures, and more moved across the transparent surface. With a press of a button on the remote control, a black film emerged from below, transforming the see-through screen into a conventional TV display capable of showing sports or movies.

While the transparency isn’t as perfect as glass, it allows viewers to discern objects behind the screen, offering a sense of openness. The TV employs LG’s wireless transmission technology, similar to the M4 series, eliminating the need for multiple cords. Power is the only cable connected directly to the TV, while other devices using HDMI wires can be connected to a separate box, placed up to 30 feet away from the TV.

To enhance the user experience, LG included a variety of screensavers, clocks, and widgets that can appear on the TV even when turned off, grouped under the “Always On” section of the menu. The company also designed a simplified version of its smart TV system, optimized for the transparent screen.

The optional shelves surrounding the TV are customizable, and LG may offer different options by the time the TV hits the market in mid-2024. The OLED T is currently available in a single size, 77 inches, with the possibility of future versions in different sizes based on customer feedback. While the pricing has not been disclosed, expectations are high for a premium price tag due to the innovative and cutting-edge nature of the transparent OLED technology. The TV’s ability to seamlessly transform into furniture, art, or even a fish tank contributes to its allure, making it a standout product in the world of home entertainment.

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